Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are specific physical routines meant to be performed on the male organ to facilitate a bigger erection. A couple of ways have been devised and practiced since several generations of males and some of these exercises have been found to be effective.

The Principle Behind Enlargement Exercises

The male organ mostly made up of a spongy tissue, called as the corpus cavernosa. This tissue surrounds the urethra from all sides. When it is flaccid, this tissue is soft. This gives the male organ its downward stoop during flaccidity. But when the male is sexually aroused, then the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa are filled with blood. This makes it engorged and this state of the it is called as erection.

Though erection is a characteristically male phenomenon, there are varying levels and degrees of erections found in different men. In some men, erection can stretch the organ to more than four times its length while flaccid, and increase it several times in its width; whereas, in some men their erect organ could be no more than their flaccid male organ. There is also a large variation in the duration of erection. Furthermore, some men can get an erection by a mere thought, while for some others, it may take a couple of minutes of touching and fondling (for example, during foreplay) to get a viable erection.

What enlargement exercises do is that they allow the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa to fill up more blood in them. This will directly influence to the quality of the erection. Hence, enlargement exercises actually produce flexibility and increase in volume of the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa.

Some Enlargement Exercises

Several exercises have been devised to increase the size. The objective of all these exercises is to allow the sustenance of more blood within the corpus cavernosa. Almost all enlargement exercises need to be performed with the erect male organ. In fact, when it is massaged, it will naturally become erect due to tactile stimulation.

Before beginning with the exercises, let us explain some of the common terminology used with enlargement.

Jelquing or Jelqing – Jelqing is a method of applying pressure on the male organ. In this technique, it is held at the base with the thumb and a long finger and then slowly and rhythmically pulled in the outward direction, i.e. towards the glans. Most exercises require the male to jelq it.

Squeezing – Squeezing in enlargement parlance refers to the application of pressure on the head of the male organ, i.e. the glans. This action stops the blood in that region for a while, while will try to fill in the corpus cavernosa. This action when done repeatedly for a period of time is supposed to open up the blocked spongy tissues and make them available to be engorged with blood during erections.

Now that we know the common terms used when discussing enlargement exercises, let’s go ahead and see some of the common exercising techniques.

(i) One-handed jelquing

First the male organ is massaged until it becomes semi-erect. Then, it is held at the base with a firm grip of the right hand. Holding thus, the hand is pulled outwards towards the glans, in an action that resembles milking. When the hand reaches the glans, it is held there for about five seconds, then released and brought back to the base. This is continued for about twenty times per day.

(ii) Both hands jelquing

This is very similar to the one-handed jelquing described above. The only difference is that, when the person is done with one hand, the action is repeated with the other hand. This method is more effective as the person is able to apply palm pressure on both the lateral sides of the male organ.

(iii) Circular jelquing

In this technique, the person begins by holding the semi-erect male organ at the base as described in both the above methods. Then the hand is milked towards the glans. When the hand reaches the tip, it is directed upwards so that it almost comes parallel to the stomach. Then gradually, it is rotated in a clockwise manner. When one rotation is complete, it is rotated in an anti-clockwise manner. About twenty total rotations per day are performed. This method allows the blood to fill up the spongy tissue of the corpus cavernosa from different directions.

(iv) Jelquing and Squeezing

This is quite a simple exercise. The penis is first jelqued in the normal manner. But when the hand reaches the glans, it is held there and a squeezing pressure is applied on the organ. This combination of jelquing and squeezing exercises the entire length of the penis from the base to the glans.


The average size all over the world is about 5.5 to 7.5 inches when erect, though climatic and hereditary factors do play an important role in determining the size. What is most important is that, the size does not actually matter during copulation. Since only the outer few inches of the female vagina are sensitive, a reasonably medium penis will be able to provide the satisfaction required. Hence, males who desire a longer penis are not actually thinking about whether they can satisfy their women or not; they are more concerned about their own male ego.

This needs to be said in order to understand that it is not worthwhile going for enlargement exercises. Since these exercises will be conducted by the person himself (without any experienced supervisor), there can be more harm than benefit. Continuous exercises have been known to harm the ligaments surrounding it, and this can damage the erection. One must be very careful if at all he decides to go in for these exercises.