Help Her Enjoy Vaginal Penetration

A thick, rock-hard penis is useless unless your woman enjoys it in her vagina. It is not uncommon for many women to find vaginal penetration to be uncomfortable or painful during sex. However, just because it is a common factor, it most certainly doesn’t mean that you should ignore it and treat it as something that is just part of sex.

Though pain and discomfort during penetration can be a result of certain disorders such as vaginismus, which by the way is also treatable, you will find that the majority of women that have this issue is because they were not ready for penetration of any kind, whether it be intercourse, finger penetration, or the use of a sex toy.

Because of this, by simply taking the right approach, you will find that it is very easy to rectify this problem. This article will show you an effective way to help your partner get ready for vaginal penetration by using your fingers;

Before we continue, please keep in mind that this article assumes that you understand the importance of foreplay and have spent enough quality time on foreplay before introducing this technique.

Step 1

Begin by using the flat part of your fingers (palm side), to lightly rub over your partner’s vaginal opening and direct surrounding areas in small circular motions. Keep your movements slow, light, and deliberate.


This will help your partner to get used to the idea that you will not be suddenly penetrating her in any way until she is ready. It will also help to get her nerve endings around her vaginal opening to react in a positive manner by becoming pleasantly aroused as they get used to your touch.

During this time, you can also use your other hand to lightly caress or rub other sensitive zones of your partner’s body. All of this will help her to relax and enjoy the ride.

Step 2

Do the exact same thing, except this time, turn those light rubs into gentle massages. Whatever you do, do not insert any fingers just yet. Just keep your fingers together side by side, and use the palm side of them to lightly massage your woman’s vaginal opening. Also, keep the pressure very light.

By massaging her just over her vaginal opening, you are helping the muscles around that area to get used to the idea of pressure without feeling the need to contract involuntarily as a way of protecting any type of entry into the vagina. This will also help to get the blood circulation going around that area, thus making your partner even more aroused to your touch.

Continue to use your other hand to lightly stroke and caress other areas of her body.

One thing to keep in mind when using this approach, is that the hand you are using to massage her vaginal opening should at all times have constant contact with her vulva. If you feel you need to change hands, make sure that your other hand touches that area first before pulling the original hand away. This will help to keep that contact constant, thus ensuring that your partner has no sudden surprises that can result in any type of involuntary muscle contractions.

During this time, you can also use your mouth to stimulate areas around and over your partners clitoral hood. This will help her to become even more aroused, thus enabling her to produce more natural lubrication so that she can be ready for penetration.

Step 3

After a few minutes of lightly rubbing and gently massaging the area directly around and over her vaginal opening, very gently let one of your fingers (usually the index or middle finger), enter into her vaginal opening, but only one knuckle deep. Also, make sure that your fingers are sufficiently lubricated before doing this.

Now, with the finger that you have just entered, begin to slowly and lightly apply downward pressured massaging movements to the bottom part of your partner’s vaginal opening. By doing this, you are relaxing the muscles around her perineum. Many pregnant women actually use this type of massage a few weeks just before they are about to give birth as a way of helping their vaginal muscles get prepared for stretching during labor, and also to help prevent vaginal tears during labor.


After applying a few downward pressured strokes to the bottom of your partner’s vaginal opening, apply the exact same technique to the left and right sides of her vaginal walls. Remember, at no point should your finger be more deeper than a knuckle deep during this step.

By keeping things slow, deliberate, and sensual, you will find that your partner will be the one that will be leading you deeper into her vaginal canal as she becomes more aroused. During this step, you can also slowly begin to apply more direct stimulation to her clitoris with your mouth if you are performing cunnilingus on her.

Step 4

In this step, you will be doing the exact same thing as you were doing in step 3, except this time you can insert your finger slightly deeper, about a knuckle and a half to 2 knuckles deeper. Continue to massage her vaginal walls and bottom part of the vaginal opening. You can also begin to move your finger in and out, but never going too deep, and never going totaly out. Also, keep those movements slow.

Once you have reached the stage, you should find that your partner will be ready for more intense penetration, either from inserting your finger deeper, or through vaginal intercourse, or by using a sex toy.

If you choose to continue with finger penetration, then you can begin to gently intensify your movements, as well as depth of penetration according to your partner’s needs, as well as massage her g-spot, etc. On the other hand, if you and your partner are ready to begin vaginal intercourse, then the next step would be to gently enter your penis, but not go too deep too quickly, and to once again let your partner lead you by letting you know when she wants you to go deeper or thrust harder, etc.

Keep in mind that for any technique, including this technique, to be applied effectively, it is crucial that there is an open line of effective communication between your partner and yourself. This can only be achieved if there is a connection between the two of you. That connection does not come overnight. It can only happen through mutual trust and respect, and a deep sense of caring between the two of you.