Real Penis Enlargement – How?

The popular concept is that the penis is the greatest symbol of a man’s masculinity. A man with a longer male organ is more of a ‘man’ than a man with a smaller size. Though this far from the actual truth, it hasn’t deterred men from trying out various methods to add a few inches (both length-wise and breadth-wise). This explains the craze of enlargement prevalent among several males of the continent. This article tries to bring out the truth about the issue, and to dispel some of the myths along the way.

What is the Ideal Size?

This is a very subjective topic. The idea of an ideal size (if indeed, there is such a thing), differs from person to person. The average size could be anywhere between 5.5 inches and 7.5 inches, and there could be wide variations on both the sides of this range. In fact, the male actors of the porn industry could boast as large as 9 inches and even more; but those are mostly enhanced male organ or digital trickery.

Biologically speaking, a man with a four inch size male organ can satisfy a woman as efficiently as a man with an eight inch. Only the first few inches of the vagina are sexually receptive and so it is enough if it is able to have contact with the outer rim of the vagina. Also, the clitoris is placed conveniently where its any size could easily reach it.

Yet, there can be psychological factor in determining the ideal size. Both the man and the woman would prefer a larger size even though the current male organ poses no hitch in their sexual act. For men, a larger size could mean larger self-confidence; and for the woman a larger size could mean a better toy for foreplay and fellatio. Thus the need for a larger size is not biological, but psychological.

Can It Really be Enlarged?

Realistically speaking, yes. It can be enlarged. For this, it is necessary to know a little about the its anatomical structure.

Most of it as it is visible outside is made up of a mass of spongy tissues called as the corpus cavernosa. This corpus cavernosa covers the main bulk of the penis from all the sides. When the man is sexually stimulated, the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa get filled with blood. This causes it to stiffen and give it the erection.

In some cases, the spongy tissues are unable to get completely engorged with blood. Such males will have small and soft erections. Methods can be employed to facilitate a better blood filling into the corpus cavernosa, which could give the man a longer and a harder erection. Most enlargement methods in use today attempt to do this very thing, i.e. to make the corpus cavernosa get filled with more blood.


Thus, it can be enlarged. But whether the current methods are efficient at causing the enlargement or not, that needs to be seen.

Methods Used for Enlargement

Today there are several surgical and non-surgical methods being used by men to increase the size of their male organ.

(i)Surgical Methods of Enlargement

Male organ enlargement is quite different from its female counterpart, i.e. breast enlargement. The reason is that they have to become erect and then flaccid again. This needs a elastic kind of implant, which can fill up during erection and then empty out again later, much as the spongy tissue of the corpus cavernosa of the male organ itself does. Keeping this in mind, the following methods of enlargement have been devised:-

(ii) Inflatable Enlargement Pumps

These are also known as inflatable penile implants. These implants contain two inflatable cylinders which are directly inserted into the corpus cavernosa. These cylinders are manipulated by a pump placed in the region of the groin. When the person needs to be sexually aroused, the pump is manipulated in the groin and an erection-like condition is achieved. When the session is over, the man can just deflate the implants again using the pump in the groin.

This method is used by those people who suffer from complete impotence. These pumps can make them have penetrative sex, which they cannot have with their normal male organ. Many experts believe these pumps are direct substitutes for the corpus cavernosa.
Criticism of this method includes complaints of its being a very cumbersome process of getting an erection. Also, the man using implants has to inflate them in front of his sexual partner, which could be embarrassing to his masculinity.

(iii) Penile Injections

Penile injections are used very commonly for enlargement, especially by male porn actors. Here, silicones are directly injected into the male organ or the scrotum to make them larger. The method is extremely effective as it cause a nine-fold increase in the normal size. These materials when injected into it can also make the penis harder than it is during a normal erection.
Other materials such as KY Jelly, mineral oil and collage have been found to have the same enlarging effects.

Yet, these methods have some of the most serious drawbacks associated with enlargement. People using these injections often complain of loss of sensitivity in their male member. Also, the erections last much after the ejaculation making it quite awkward for the male. There may also be lasting effects such as total loss of sexual arousal in the organ.


Non-Surgical Methods of Enlargement

Most males prefer non-surgical methods due to the low risk factor involved. The most popular non-surgical methods are:-

(i) Penis Pumps

Pumps are cylindrical pumps that can be fit directly over the male organ. These pumps have a provision to create suction. When the suction is created, blood flows into the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa and provides the male with an erection. This erection will generally last as long as the suction is provided. By repeated and regular use of the suction pump, males have found these pumps to be very effective.

However, there are dangers involved. If the suction created is too great, there may be too much blood engorged into the male organ, which may cause the spongy tissues to burst. Repeated use of the pump in excess amount will also cause this tissue bursting. Poor quality pumps have hard rings which touch it around its base. When the suction is created, these rings may tear into the flesh. This could permanently damage the ligaments surrounding it.

(ii) Massage and Exercises

There are various types of penis massages and exercises which are alleged to bring about an increase in the length and the girth. Jelquing is one of the most common methods described. Jelquing is a method akin to milking the female breast. It is to be held at the base with a tight grip of one hand and then this hand is to be pulled away, i.e. towards the glans. The glans is held tightly to build up blood pressure in the region. A moderated regular use of this jelquing and squeezing type of exercise can cause an enlargement in the size.

(iii) Enlargement Pills

Though most pills are available on the internet that claim to bring about an enlargement of the size, these must never be used. Most of these pills are not medically proven, and are contaminated by several unthinkable ingredients, such as feces of cattle. Enlargement pills are just methods to make a quick buck from gullible customers.

(iv) Cosmetic Enhancement

It can be made to appear bigger than it actually is. The following are some methods:-

a) If the hair around the penis is trimmed, then an illusion of a longer penis is created. The pubic hair hides most of the part; hence its removal can help it to appear larger.

b) Reducing the body weight will make it look proportionately longer. That is the reason why obese men seem to have smaller male organs than lean men.

c) Most men want enlargement only to satisfy their ego than than satifying their partners with better lovemaking techniques. This is a very gross misconception as the size does not matter during sex at all. Instead, talking on sexually arousing topics with your partner during lovemaking will make more difference. In fact, sex that follows a hot conversation makes the male more confident about his performance and less bothered about his male organ size.