Average Penis Size – The Facts

Penis size is perhaps an issue that most men think about more than even their next salary or their next promotion. Since ages, there have been theories about the size floating around and that has led men to become almost fixated with their own male organ. It wouldn’t be quite wrong to say that a majority of men in the world spend more time thinking about them than their partner’s genitals.

Problems Concerning Size

One of the commonest notions is that a man with a longer size is more virile and also more energetic in bed. However, we know today that this is hardly the case. Virility and the sexual drive are both governed by hormones, especially testosterone, and not in the least by the size of the male organ. It is also quite a wrong notion that a man with a longer size of their male organ is able to satisfy his woman better.

Several men tend to underestimate their own organ. There are several reasons why men are not happy with their own members. Some of them are mentioned below:-

(i) In optics, there is an effect called as the foreshortening effect. When we look at any object from the top, it appears smaller than if we were to observe it from the side. When men look at their own male organ, they have to look down and therefore it looks shorter. Other men’s organ look longer because men can glance at them from the side in locker rooms or in public urinals.

(ii) Almost all men watch hardcore porn movies. The male actors in these movies sport huge size, which create a serious inferiority complex in the man who is watching them. However, it must be borne in mind that most of the porn movies are digitally enhanced and also porn filmmakers employ men with large male organ. Hence, average size should not be judged from the few men who participate in porn movies.

(iii) Then there is the boy talk. When boys discuss about sizes, most of them exaggerate to create an impression. This could create dissatisfaction in some men.

(iv) Internet surveys about sizes must also be taken with a pinch of salt. In most cases, these surveys have the men measure themselves. Certainly, there will be a bit of exaggeration done. Even if men are measured by others, the men that usually volunteer for such surveys are those who have large sizes and don’t mind flaunting them. Men with average or short size may not participate in such surveys.

What is the Average Penis Size?

There can never be a concrete answer to this question. The answer depends on a number of factors. All men on the planet can never be measured and no sample space, however accurately taken, will ever give a proper average.

Keeping these constraints in mind, the most plausible survey on average size could be the one conducted by LifeStyle Condoms. LifeStyle Condoms measured the average size of 300 men attending college. They were measured when erect by a member of the staff. This survey found that :-

  • The average length of the male erect male organ is 5.9 inches from the tip to the base, with a deviation of 0.8 inches.
  • The average girth of the male erect male organ is 5 inches at the thickest part, with a deviation of 0.5 inches.

Being the most recent survey taken with accurate measurements, the results of this survey are quoted most often when discussing size.

Yet, the size depends on several factors as already mentioned above. One of the most important factors to note is shrinkage, which is the shortening in cold condition. In some men, the shrinkage could be up to 2 inches.

Does Size Matter During Lovemaking?

The female vagina is 3-4 inches when not in an aroused condition. As all the nerve endings of the female are located within this region of the vagina, a man with an average sized penis can easily satisfy the woman.

penis size

Impact of penis size during sex – almost none!

A size of up to 6 inches can be quite easily accommodated within the vagina. Even if it is longer than that, then the vagina is expandable while aroused. Vaginas can expand up to 200% of their length, which makes it possible to accommodate penises up to 8 inches without much discomfort.

Women had the following things to say about size

  • For most women, the length is not as important as its girth.
  • Women want the male organ to fill the sides of their vagina completely so that they get maximum pleasure.
  • She is more concerned about the cleanliness of the male organ and its complexion than its size.
  • Mst women will be tremendously put off if a man has a long thick organ which is kept unclean.
  • Women also are put off if it has a large number of veins and/or it is rough to the touch.
  • There are also preferences for circumcised and uncircumcised male organs. Because circumcised  penis is not a guarantee of good hygiene.

98% of women find abnormally large male organs uncomfortable. There are three disadvantages to this.

  1. Large sizes cannot be comfortably put in the mouth if the woman wants to perform oral sex.
  2. Large sizes poke into the cervix. This may be dangerous if the woman is pregnant.
  3. Large sizes are not suitably designed to stimulate the woman’s G-spot.

Hence, size is not a big concern for the women.

Size and the Male Ego

It has been widely believed that it is the man himself who desires a big size and not the woman he wants to satisfy. This desire is bolstered by the idea that a long male organ is a symbol of the man’s virility, which is very far from the actual truth.