Premature Ejaculation Embarrassment

Premature ejaculation has today become a serious cause of concern as it has affected 20 to 30% of the males of the world. It is also fast becoming the prime cause of divorce cases. Quite simply put, it means the condition in which the male ejaculates before either he or his female partner has obtained their orgasmic peak. When the male has PE then either one or both of the copulating individuals suffer sexual dissatisfaction from the act.

Definition of PE

Earlier PE used to be defined as the condition when the male ejaculates within two minutes of penetration. Though this definition was considered perfect for a long period of time, it is now considered outdated. The reason behind this is that experiments have proved that more than 75% of the men of the world ejaculate within two minutes in more than 50% of all their sexual encounters, without feeling or creating any sense of sexual dissatisfaction.

Effects of PE

PE matters very much in the happiness of a married relationship. Since a great part of marriage in the early stages is governed by the sexual relations, PE in the male creates dissatisfaction in lovemaking. The frustration levels may sometimes be so high that it may lead to the break off of the relationship, as has been seen in many cases.

Thus, it has severe psychological repercussions. It is not known to have any biological defects.

Causes of PE

It can be compounded through several factors. Some of these factors are given below:-

(i) When over-zealous teens have sex for the first time, the enthusiasm level is too high. This will lead to a psychological rush, which will lead the male to ejaculate sooner than normal.

(ii) It can be caused due to the traditional conditioning of the male. In some cultures, sex is considered to be a taboo subject. Such partners, especially if they are living in joint families, will try to rush through lovemaking. The result is that the male might ejaculate too soon.

(iii) It has also been found that men who are nervous or in an intense emotional state will climax too quickly. Men who are guilty of the sexual act will also ejaculate sooner than necessary.

(iv) Certain illnesses are also known to cause PE, the most prominent of them being prostate infections. Injuries to the nervous system can disturb the equilibrium of the body and lead to the dysfunction.

(v) It can occur in men who consume certain therapeutic drugs. The cold suppressant drug pseudoephedrine retailed in the names of Contac, Actifed, Sudafed, Claritin-D, etc. is one such example.


Treatment of PE

Since PE is not a disease, there is no treatment for it. It is a sexual dysfunction, which can be treated with proper practice and moderation. It has been found that the incidences of PE are more evident in young men (of the age group of 18 to 30) than in the elderly men. This is because, with practice and experience, it can be controlled.

The following techniques can help reduce PE in men:-

(i) Be totally relaxed and stress-free when performing the lovemaking act. Especially if it is your first time, do not panic and let things happen as they will. This is the reason why many couples go on honeymoons to silent places for their first few wedding nights.

(ii) Practice in control can be learnt through masturbation. Masters and Johnson have devised a very effective control technique. You can stimulate yourself through it and when the peak is just about to be reached, stop. Then begin again. Each time go closer and closer to the peak. Stop just when the semen is about to be ejected. With time, this will lead to effective control.

(iii) The popular squeeze technique is also effective. During the process of the sexual act when you feel that you are about to ejaculate, squeeze the base of your male organ. This will disgorge the blood out of the penis and reduce your erection. When you think you are in control, you can begin again.

(iv) Conversation with the sexual partner before the act also helps. Do not be in a hurry to get down to business. Spend time in foreplay and discover your partner’s erogenous zones. Using these regions will help her climax better. Penetrate only when your partner is fully aroused.

(v) Lycopodium has some benefits in reducing PE, but these are not tested methods.


(i) Many numbing creams and ejaculation controllers are available in the market for so-called treatment of PE. What these numbing creams do is that they retard sexual arousal by minimizing contact between the partners. This is definitely a no-no. Your partner will be not be able to ‘feel’ your organ and so will you not be able to ‘feel’ her. This will turn the whole sexual act into nothing but a mechanical exercise.

(ii) Some people think alcohol wears down stress and hence prolongs sexual climax. This may work for the sexual act, but it can make you an alcoholic addict as it will create an association between alcohol and sex. As a result, you will crave for alcohol as an outlet for sex. Also alcohol in the long run will reduce the firmness of your male organ and make it difficult to maintain an erection.

PE is not a disease, it is a dysfunction. Hence it must be controlled in a likewise manner. Proper compatibility with your partner will help you solve this problem and assure a happier married life.